Friday, 13 August 2010

Gifts and Pressies

Several people have asked us what to do about the gift registry for our wedding. Apparently we were supposed to put something discreet in with the invitations, but didn't. A rookie mistake!

Therefore, here is some information. Please don't take it as a hint or a prompt!

As we have people coming from around the world, we've set up several different options for our international guests:


1) For people coming from the UK:

- John Lewis vouchers
(Nice and simple, and light to carry on the plane - though I wouldn't trust international post with them. As you may know, we're moving to the UK next year, so these would be invaluable in helping us to set up home.)


2) For anybody in the world:

- Kitchen Items gift registry at Leone Limentani in Rome
- view here:
- It's possible to purchase items on this list by credit card online, and they'll be delivered directly to us.

You'll need the following details: Bridegroom surname: REDMAN; Bride surname: MELIDEO; Date: September 18, 2010.

This list covers the plates, cutlery, frying pans and pepper grinders that form the bedrock on which (I'm told) a happy marriage is built.


3) For anybody in the world:

- Registry for our Sicilian honeymoon.
We've arranged with Tiuk travel to handle our honeymoon in Sicily. They've broken it down into bitesize pieces, so that people can buy us one night in a hotel in Siracusa, or the cost of a dinner in Palermo.

Petulia will be forwarding the breakdown and payment information for this shortly.

Contact details for Tiuk Travel are:

Contact: Giuliano
Tel (+39) 064815464


If you have any problems or questions about any of these, just ask!

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