Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Getting here- Flights and Airports

If you are flying into Rome, your best best will be to fly into Fiumicino- Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. This is the main airport in Rome, the best connected and the one where the main airlines come in.
The other airport is Ciampino. This is where some of the low cost airlines come in (Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Wizz Air).
Alternatively, if you are coming from other parts of Italy, you can take a train into Rome and arrive at the central station called Termini.

If you are looking for flights into Rome, you can take a look at Kayak and Opodo, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline
For trains, the official website for the National Rail is: trenitalia.
Trenitalia does not accept US credit cards, so if you have an American card, you may need to go to a travel agent or use other agent like sites.

From the airport (Fiumicino), you can come into the city using a taxi, a hired car with chauffeur or the local train. Taxis can be a bit tricky, so I would recommend using this taxi company as they are reliable and friendly. Once you get out of customs,you can book their car by calling +39 0655282892. Their car will pick you up by the departure gate of Terminal B.

If you want a chauffeured car, you can book one of our car services here. If you have problems with the website, just send me an email and I will book the car for you

Finally the train option is very easy. Tickets are Euro 8.50 per person or 11 per person depending on weather you get the faster train (Leonardo Express) or the slow train. Just follow directions for rail and you will find yourself at the airport train station. Here you can purchase the ticket for the train and just hop on whichever train you prefer (slow or fast). The fast train goes directly to the Termini Station. The Slow train does NOT go to Termini but stops at the Ostiense Station. From either one of these stations you can take a cab to your hotel or walk. Depending on where you are staying.

For more resources:
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